Bematek In-line Wet Mixers and Colloid Mills“How Do I Know It Will Work?”

Don't take chances! Bematek’s state-of-the-art modular solutions are engineered to eliminate doubt. And risk.

Known for our high-shear mixing expertise, Bematek now offers a patented new solution for total shear control. So relax! With Bematek’s new and flexible Modular Engineered Design™, the in-line mixer or colloid mill you choose today can be precisely configured for any application—and easily reconfigured as future needs change.

Does your organization face any of these challenges:

  1. Repeatability and Consistency. Bematek's continuous in-line processing assures consistent product quality.
  2. Shear. Versatile Bematek in-line mixers and colloid mills offer high-shear, low-shear or any shear in between.
  3. Scale-up. From R&D lab to full production, Bematek eliminates costly scale-up discrepancies. 
  4. Speed-to-market. Our Modular Engineered Design™ enables fast development, testing and installation.
  5. Systems Integration. Add Bematek machines to any new or existing system—easily and cost-effectively.

Learn more about how Bematek solves these challenges.

“After working with Bematek I gained confidence in their expertise and would not buy from anyone else.”

 – James “Ben” Mathes, Vice President Production, TS Moly Lubricants.

You can count on Bematek’s 50+ years of experience in the Biotech / Pharmaceutical, Personal Care / Cosmetic, Food / Beverage and Chemical Industries for superior quality and reliability, responsive customer support and solid all-round value.

For your personal, no-obligation consultation with a Bematek Application Specialist, call 877-BEMATEK (236-2835).

We listen. We solve. We deliver.

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