Leading Innovation in Homogenizing, Emulsifying, and Dispersing

Valued as an industry innovator, Bematek offers more than a half-century of experience in high-shear, inline mixer, and colloid mill design. We are inspiring process industry innovation and delivering solutions to meet the increasingly complex manufacturing demands of advanced industrial and consumer products. We simplify scale-up, improve efficiencies and provide confidence in quality by specializing in solids-in-liquid dispersions and liquid-in-liquid emulsions as well as deagglomerating, blending, and homogenizing.

Inline High Shear Mixers

Maximize operational effectiveness by reducing mixing time and the number of machines required to support multiple applications in your diverse product mix. The Bematek LZ Sanitary and LK industrial high-shear, inline mixers deliver reliable and repeatable performance utilizing a single, modular mixer platform. The modular mixer chamber, capable of one to twelve shear-action-zones, is configurable to production requirements and allows rapid changeover. These true multi-stage designs offer the most advanced and versatile mixer today.

Colloid Mills

The Bematek CZ Sanitary and CK Industrial series colloid mills provide manufacturers with superior milling capabilities, for high-emulsion stability and dispersion uniformity. We have been solving wet milling problems for more than a half-century, including particle size reduction and particle deagglomeration for a wide range of solid-in-liquid dispersion and liquid-in-liquid emulsions.

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