Proudly contribute to our customer’s success through leadership by challenging the status quo in industrial processing constraints and inspiring manufacturing innovation in the application of high shear mixing and wet milling technologies. Through agile development and service, we adapt to rapid changes in our customer’s respective markets and help to deliver superior consumer products in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics and personal care, and chemical industries.


To be valued as THE leader and resource-partner for manufacturing excellence while aligning for growth with industry innovators through long-lasting, loyal business relationships. To be acknowledged as the partner to turn to for the design and manufacture of specialized mixing and milling equipment.



Listen and seek to understand the need, offer a real solution, and deliver the value and superior customer support even after the sale.


Understand that all ideas have merit, and seek to uncover what the customer values and support each other in achieving our mutual goals.


Be tenacious in our ability to collaborate and transfer knowledge; unlock innovation and create a competitive edge for our customers.

Compliance and Sustainability

Demonstrate social awareness every day and strive to uphold our responsibility in environmental stewardship for a cleaner planet for generations to come.


Support a culture of honesty and ethical business practice through a moral, philosophical nature that the company embraces to shape its workers and leaders.