About Bematek

A Rich History of Innovation and Thought Leadership

For decades, Bematek high-shear wet mixers and colloid mills have been providing leading-edge capabilities to a wide range of processing industries. Our reputation for incomparable quality, machine performance, and first-rate service is backed by more than 70 years of history in the design, manufacture, and proper application of dynamic, in-line, high-shear mixing and milling equipment.

Today, Bematek leverages this experience and continues to set industry standards and inspire innovation in your product line. Our global installed base of in-line mixers and colloid mills, with advanced patented technologies, demonstrates our ability to convert customer feedback and R&D results into innovative manufacturing solutions.

Processes Served

Bematek dynamic in-line mixers and colloid mills can be found wherever there is a need for particle size reduction, emulsifying, deagglomerating, and homogenizing. Excelling in these areas, our state-of-the-art machines efficiently and reliably process:

  • Liquid-to-Solids
  • Liquid-to-Liquids
  • Liquid-to-Gas

In-line wet mixers and colloid mills - that's our focus. It's all we do and we do it very well. Do you have highly specialized manufacturing or processing needs?

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