Industrial Homogenizing Colloid Mill

The Bematek Industrial CK mills have been helping manufactures bring products to market while solving their most challenging wet milling applications for over a half-century. This proven, cost effective design is the simplest mill on the market with the fewest major components aimed at providing reliable, continuous product lifecycles.

This modular machine can be easily adapted to manufacturing changes and able to support multiple homogenizing and wet milling applications with different rotor stator packages.

Features & Benefits of Bematek CK Mills

Permits quick and easy mill chamber interchangeability with various mill head profiles thus optimizing manufacturing process efficiencies and meeting particle size reduction requirements.
The Bematek mill chamber can be easily rotated 360° to accommodate different piping arrangements in a process plant, further supporting multiple product milling applications.
Fewer major milling components means ease of use and lower maintenance costs. Mill head internals cam be exposed by removing only two parts. With only four major components, the entire mill head can be rapidly maintained and configured for various applications.
This sanitary tri-clamp design allows quick and easy access to the mill chamber internal parts for inspection, cleaning, and mill chamber configuration. This mill design offers incredible productivity advantages.
Fine tuning of applied mechanical shear is achieved through the micrometer style gap adjustment dial, leading to on-specification production and repeatability. Milling speed can also be controlled by an optional variable frequency drive.
With excellent particle size reduction and dispersing performance, the colloid mill can be used for continuous and batch processes in a single pass. The Bematek Colloid Mill will simplify scale-up from R&D to full production by working off the same tip speed and providing the ability to predict final product outcomes.
The milling chamber has an optional positive stop mechanism that will never allow the conical rotor to contact the stator.
Optimized shaft seal design reduces friction and wear within the seal chamber. This means less heat, no contamination, and reliable long-life.
Heat is removed or added with the mill chamber thermal jacket providing the ability to manage milling temperature while milling the process material. Thermal jackets are standard in Bematek machines.